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jrock,animes,mangas,jdramas spy^_-

離珠『r i s h u』
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Hi...please just call me rishu
lately i've been interested in jmusic,jdramas & movies and stuffs...i'm a little busy at the moment but i think i would like to make my personal LJ into a community with information about these things...i don't know yet i'm searching first...searching things about this. oh i really like animes,OVA's,mangas,movies...maybe i'll add into my ideas for this journal...sorry i didn't update too much in this month but focus more about this..if you got any question, or even an idea send me a message...if you want to add me please see if you got something in common with these topics like
jmusic,jdrama,movies,anime,OVA,manga,jmovies in general...thanks for reading ^_^