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離珠『r i s h u』
05 March 2008 @ 02:39 pm

i think in some kind of way foods are super kawaii. so for the first time i made some icons with bento,cake.candy...i wanted to know if you guys liked...enjoy. ^_^

- credit if you want.

pictures source : flickr.com - user jsc*
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離珠『r i s h u』
15 September 2007 @ 11:19 pm

since i didn't upload a video until now so i would like to share this GHOST video with you guys


Download Here on Sendspace

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離珠『r i s h u』
07 September 2007 @ 02:17 am

to the ones who don't know this is the new Tara's blog [http://yaplog.jp/ta-ten]

離珠『r i s h u』
03 September 2007 @ 03:33 pm

yay! i really got inspired so i decide to do more icons this time not just with ayabie but with other bands & etc... too.
i used the same effects and text effects but i think witch icon got your own cute style. last time i posted i didn't said >.< but you guys could take the icons if you wanted but its okay anyways, i'm saying right now you guys can take the new icons you don't need to credit me but leave a comment if you liked them, okay?

i really would like to thank 
 [info]ayabie community to let me post my first icons there and [info]amiyume, kuunvirta, [info]kandi_lolli and bouncy_tosakinfor helping me and for the lovely inspiring comments ^_^

so...there ya go..

ICONS [100x100]

[05] setsuki

[02] toki
[03] kasumi
[i did 176BIZ's icons before tara left the band so i let his pics in the same file as 176BIZ]

亜姫 [exマルル]

[01] aki
[i wanted to do yuto's but i couldn't do a good effect for his pics and wanted to do the others ex members too but i don't know their blogs sorry]

AYABIE [彩冷える]
[01] aoi
[00] takehito
[00] kenzo
[01] kenzoxyumehito
[i couldn't get a pic of kenzo's face alone and i didn't find a pic of takehito with a cake i wanted that one as an icon sorry]

[00] kazuki
[00] tatsuha
[00] satsuki
[01] satsukixiru
[01] tatsuhaxsatsuki
[i couldn't find pics of satsuki alone and the pics that i got from tatsuha he's always far away from the cam about kazuki's pics i didn't do sorr again..]

IROKUI [イロクイ]

[02] yuuri
[00] natsuki
[i didn't find pics for natsuki too .. i find suuta's but i didn't do sorry..]

[01] inzargi
[00] ryouhei
[00] gou 
[01] ryouheixinzargi
[gou's pics are really good but i didn't do it and about ryouhei pics i couldn't do goods effects too..]

PANIC CHANNEL [パニックちゃんねる - PANICch]
[03] meguru
[01] kana
[02] kiri
[01] mayo
[02] kyo~ya
[01] meguruxkiri

[01] soshi
[01] leo [レオ]

i don't know how to use lj-cut in my entries , i don't know whats the problem cause i click in the button that its written LiveJournal Cut but i still can't cut my texts thats why my posts are always bigs and messy. sorry for that .

hope you all liked^_^


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離珠『r i s h u』
18 July 2007 @ 07:38 pm

hiii..i'm rishu 
i just want to share some icons that i've made for the first time so let me know if you liked them. ok =D

[02] Aoi
[04] Intetsu
[04] Takehito
[03] Yumehito
[01] Intetsu&Yumehito

- i didn't made kenzo's. sorry =(
- moroboshi1st its like this but actually its 1rst but its cute anyways







離珠『r i s h u』
28 May 2007 @ 02:12 pm

hiii...i'm rishu
actually i'm a member since May.01.2007 i would like to explain that because i edit my entry...and now i'm gonna put my interests here for my personal LJ. 
So i would like to make my personal LJ a community to talk about j-rock, bands,jdramas & movies and animes and stuffs like that...i really would like to make my journal a kind of guide with interests about these topics above...with informations about it...i think its something really cool that ppl need but of course i would like to make Friends Only  LJ with private posts just some  public posts...like i said in my profile page i'm little busy at the moment but i'm gonna focus on that soon as i can...like this week.
lately i'm really interested in stuffs like that if you want to make some question send me a message... if you want to add me please see if you got some interest in common with these topics like jmusic,jdrama and movies,animes... if i already added you comment here and i will answer you,ok 
thanks for reading^_ ^

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